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Meet Chef Gillian

Gillian was born in south-east England, and her love of cooking started as a child, learning at her mother’s side.  She was often given free reign in the kitchen, and Gillian took this opportunity to experiment and try out new recipes on her family.  Growing up, mealtimes were an important family occasion, and memories of gathering around the kitchen table inspires Gillian to provide meals for others. In her teens, she developed a love of cookbooks, and her collection has never stopped growing! 

Her career took her away from cooking into the business world, but her passion for food never left.  She moved to the United States in 1987 and was eventually able to return to school and pursue an education in culinary arts and nutrition. 

Although she has always been passionate about nutrition and healthy eating, Gillian also loves to bake and has a very sweet tooth!  She is determined to have her cake and eat it too, and therefore can often be found experimenting with recipes, both sweet and savory, finding ways to make them just a little bit healthier! 

Gillian's culinary experience and style allows her to offer a wide range of delicious, healthful meals—everything from family meals to international haute cuisine. She is committed to providing the highest quality meals possible, using the freshest and finest ingredients. 

A member of the American Personal and Private Chef Association and a ServSafe Certified Safe Food Handler, Gillian is a licensed and fully insured personal chef.  As a member of APPCA, she contributes to and receives support from a professional group of culinary peers.